Women’s Ministry



Women’s Ministry – A group of ministries designed to coordinate the teaching of the women of the Church in the Biblical principles needed for godly Christian living.

Women’s Conference – Contemporary thoughts in spiritual socialization as taught by leading authors and lecturers in the country.  The issues covered are aimed at helping in the areas where past relationships have caused fear, shame, guilt or low self-esteem.

Women’s Retreat – Designed to provide a time of intimate honesty between all of  the women of First Baptist.  This will include all age groups.

Women’s Bible Fellowship – Bible study geared toward the traditional study models and lessons.  This study is more geared toward the needs of the senior saints as it is less interactive.

One for One – Formerly the Singles Ministry.  This ministry is made up of single, non-wedded members, divorced or widowed members who need to become or maintain God centeredness in their relations.  This focus is essential before they become occupied with people relations without God at the center of their lives.

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